Job Levels

It’s time to start building your own Empire. It’s time to join the Letworkbedone team in order to transform your talent and skills into real money. Start investing in yourself, meet people who need your help, keep them satisfied with your work, perform quality services and in no time you will find yourself in the privileged position of owning your personal online business. It’s time to step into the future. Letworkbedone is here to support you on your new journey, awarding you with higher statuses based on your accomplishments. Remember: Earning money is your new goal and Letworkbedone is your next best partner.

Level One Seller

The past days have been amazing for you and we are very proud. You have accomplished the goal of keeping your customers happy and we are extremely happy to award you with the “Level one badge” status. This is only the beginning; you are on your way of becoming number one. Congratulations!
Privileges & Honor:

  1. Max Single Job Offer/Gig: $1000
  2. Earning Clearance:7 Days
  3. Number of JOBS to post: 100
  4. You need to sell 10 gigs to go to the next level

Level Two Seller

You proved us right. You really are the master of your domain. You kept your reputation level above standards and we see ourselves happily forced to make you a Smart Talent. Keep going – Huge success is only one step away.
Privileges & Honor:

  1. Max Job Offer/Gig: $2500
  2. Earning Clearance: 7 Days
  3. Customer Support: Priority
Requirements & Qualifications:

You need to sell 20 gigs to ngo to level three

Required Sale: $100

Required Rating: 90%

30 Days Rating Maintenance: 90%

Level Three Seller

Amazing is your middle name. Your everyday progress added up and the biggest result just came. You have earned your own place into the level Three Community. Our biggest partners. This highest status comes with great responsibilities. Work harder, earn more, and keep being Amazing.
Privileges & Honor:

  1. Max Job Offer / Gig: $5000
  2. Earning Clearance: 7 Days
  3. Completed Job Offers / Gigs: 20


1. What is Job offer/gig?
Job offer or gig is a task offered by a freelancer for money.

2. What is Job extra?
Job extra is an additional service offered under the same job offer/gig for an extra amount with own description.

3. How many gigs/job offers I can post?
When you become a seller you have attained level One Automatically and you’re limited to only 100 gigs. When you sell 10 services with 90% positive rating. You attain level 2 badges. In level 2 you’re limited to 200 gigs and in level3 you’re limited to 300 gigs. In both levels, you have to attain 90% positive rating.

4. What does gig promotion mean?
We share your job offers/gigs on our social media channels like Face book, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin & Google+.

5. What is earning clearance?
Number of days after which your account will be credited with the money you earned against the jobs you have completed. At Letworkbedone earning clearance time is 7 days.

6. What is job extra count?
Job extra count is the number of job extras a freelancer can offer on his job offer/gig.