An Overview:
A service offered on is called a Gig. The service is offered by the Seller (freelancer), and bought by the buyer(employer) Five dollars is the popular starting price for offers on Before you are able to buy or sell anything you must first sign up.

Signing Up
Signing up to is free. After successfully signing up, and confirming your account with a registration link that will be sent to your email, it’s time to end the struggle


Are able to browse the homepage and category pages, or use the search to find a Gig they wish to purchase. It is important as the buyer to read through the description of the services offered and if available the seller’s work models. When a buyer is ready to make a purchase, it is time to proceed to checkout. There are several ways to pay for the Gig. All purchases are subject to a processing fee, $2 on purchases up to and including $20 and 5% on purchases above $20.


Buyers pay for orders in advance. Sellers keep 80% of each Gig they sell and successfully complete and deliver. For example, each $5 Gig you sell and successfully deliver accredits your account with net revenue of $4. accredits sellers once an order is completed. As you build your rating on it is possible to start to raise your rates for Gigs. Each Gig is different and therefore maybe subject to a rates change.